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Rachel Ferrara

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3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Set Your Organization Up For Success

Posted by Rachel Ferrara on 7/27/20 6:22 PM

It's been almost five months since we started navigating the pandemic, and it's safe to say these current times are just as uncertain and challenging as they were in the beginning. We understand that you and your employees have been feeling the impacts of the last few months both professionally and personally.

To alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty you're experiencing as an employer, here are three things you can be doing right now to positively impact you, your employees and your organization.

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TargetCare's Ongoing Response During COVID-19

Posted by Rachel Ferrara on 4/13/20 5:14 PM

At TargetCare, it is our top priority to maintain the health and well-being of our clients and participants. Our team is working hard to immediately respond to the unique individual needs of each client during this ever-changing time. We've recently implemented some new recommendations and protocols. Here's what you need to know:

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Wellness Guide for Remote Work

Posted by Rachel Ferrara on 3/31/20 5:32 PM

During this transitional time, it's up to you to create your new "normal" for the next few weeks or possibly months. One of our 5 tips for staying productive while WFH touched on the importance of developing a schedule and sticking to it. We're here to help you create a schedule that incorporates wellness into your daily routine. 

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5 Tips For Staying Productive While WFH

Posted by Rachel Ferrara on 3/26/20 11:54 AM

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, many companies are mandating or recommending that as many employees as possible work remotely until the virus can be slowed. While some may be familiar with the flexibility of working from home, others may be adjusting to these new work conditions for the first time. Needless to say, working from home can be a bit of a transition. Here are five tips that will help you excel in your new work-from-home environment. 

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TargetCare Is Here To Help: COVID-19 Support

Posted by Rachel Ferrara on 3/23/20 12:38 PM

Maintaining Our Proactive Approach In Response To COVID-19

Being in the field of disease prevention, it’s important that TargetCare take proactive measures to protect the health of the employees and families of our clients.
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