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TargetCare Is Here To Help: COVID-19 Support

Posted by Rachel Ferrara on 3/23/20 12:38 PM

Maintaining Our Proactive Approach In Response To COVID-19

Being in the field of disease prevention, it’s important that TargetCare take proactive measures to protect the health of the employees and families of our clients.
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How to Reduce Stress in the Midst of Coronavirus

Posted by Claire Hart on 3/19/20 5:15 PM

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, so do many people’s stress levels.  The irony is, stressing out about not contracting coronavirus can actually make you more likely to contract coronavirus!  Sustained high anxiety can compromise your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.  Here are seven ways to deal with your coronavirus anxieties.

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COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Posted by Claire Hart on 3/13/20 5:05 PM

How is TargetCare Responding?

The situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19 is rapidly changing, and TargetCare is carefully monitoring any updates and recommendations by the CDC in all states in which we operate. Our focus remains on educating and updating our clinicians with CDC recommendations and guidelines for the evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients with potential COVID-19 infection. 

Visit our website for TargetCare COVID-19 Support Services.

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3 Tools to Create a Successful Wellness Program

Posted by Traci Gifford on 3/5/20 1:02 PM

Implementing a health and wellness program takes time, money, and effort.  If you're going to invest, make sure it's worth it.  The success of a health and wellness program depends on several different factors, but how do you know your organization is ready for wellness in the first place?  In this post, we’ll provide three critical tools that will help you create a successful wellness program.

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Did You Know There's a Silent Killer in Your Workplace?

Posted by Lauren Swindall, MPH on 2/21/20 1:12 PM

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a life-threatening condition that affects nearly half of all U.S. adults.  However, most people aren’t even aware they have it.  Often called the “silent killer,” high blood pressure usually doesn’t come with any symptoms until after it's too late.  Here's how this affects your employees-- and your budget.

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3 Reasons You May Want to Re-Think Your Health Screening

Posted by Taylor Rollier on 2/10/20 3:40 PM

When it comes to improving the health of your population, annual screenings can be an extremely valuable tool.  Before you head down this road or put your company’s annual health screenings on “autopilot,” make sure you have these three key components.

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How to Stick to Your Wellness Goals in 2020

Posted by Claire Hart on 1/28/20 9:00 AM

We've all heard the saying, "New Year, New You," and probably convinced ourselves we’d do our best to achieve it.  However, the next thing you know, it's almost February, and while it is the "new year," there’s still no “new you.”  According to a study by Strava, a social network for athletes that tracks runs and bike rides, most New Year's resolutions don't make it past January-- Sunday, January 19th, to be exact.  Deemed "Quitter's Day," the 19th is when Americans are most likely to bail on fitness resolutions.

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When is the Right Time to Start a Health and Wellness Program?

Posted by Claire Hart on 1/14/20 8:18 PM

Over the past 15 years, this has been one of the most asked questions by companies all over.

There’s a common misconception that wellness programs must or should be included in open enrollment, like other standard benefits, such as a short-term disability plan or a new dental program.  Wellness is so much more than giving employees “just another benefit,” rather, it’s about transforming the culture and direction of your company from the inside!

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How to Get Better Sleep, Even When You're Stressed

Posted by Claire Hart on 1/13/20 9:32 AM

Getting quality sleep is especially important when it comes to stress management. Sleep keeps you healthy, mentally sharp, and able to cope with stress more effectively. Poor sleep can actually make you more susceptible to stress, weaken your immune system, increase your appetite for high-fat, high-sugar foods, and make you less likely to exercise.

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7 Health Factors that Can Cause High Cholesterol

Posted by Claire Hart on 1/13/20 9:29 AM

Many people struggle with high cholesterol. Before you identify what may be causing your high cholesterol levels, it's important to understand what cholesterol is. There are two main types of cholesterol. LDL, or, "bad" cholesterol is a substance that tends to clog and harden your arteries. HDL, or, "good" cholesterol carries LDL away from the arteries and into your liver to be eliminated. Here are seven factors that may be responsible for your high cholesterol levels.

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