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How to Get Better Sleep, Even When You're Stressed

Posted by Claire Hart on 1/13/20 9:32 AM

Getting quality sleep is especially important when it comes to stress management. Sleep keeps you healthy, mentally sharp, and able to cope with stress more effectively. Poor sleep can actually make you more susceptible to stress, weaken your immune system, increase your appetite for high-fat, high-sugar foods, and make you less likely to exercise.

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Topics: Sleep, Stress, Stress Management

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself at Work

Posted by Claire Hart on 1/13/20 9:22 AM

When you're stressed, even the simplest of tasks can feel impossible to complete. The good news is, there are simple things you can do to feel more on top of your tasks, even when you're struggling mentally. Next time you're having trouble getting through your to-do list or daily responsibilities at work or home, try one of these techniques to get motivated.

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Topics: Stress, Stress Management, Motivation, Work


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