Corporate Wellness Goals to Remember for 2022

When evaluating your company’s goals for the 2022 year, you may have forgotten to plan and set goals around your employees health and wellbeing. The wellbeing of your staff is linked to their engagement, productivity and performance--which ultimately impacts the bottom line of your business. Whether you set a small goal of improving a work-life balance or implement a company-wide wellness program, prioritizing the health of your employees will pay off for your organization in the long run.

Corporate Wellness Goals to Remember for 2022

Start Small. 

If you simply don’t have the resources, time and money to implement a corporate program, don’t fret! As an employer, there are several small strategies you can administer to show your employees that their wellbeing is a prime concern of yours. 

  1. Encourage breaks and PTO. 

We live most of our lives working, spending at least 8 hours a day (and usually more) at our worksite. Encourage your employees to take small breaks throughout the day: to stand up, move around, stretch, or just take a few minutes to recenter themselves. You may also find that your employees aren’t taking advantage of their paid time off. Encourage employees to use their PTO and ensure their days off are work-free.

  1. Help employees strike a work-life balance. 

No matter the industry, a work-life balance is essential to leading a well-rounded and happy life. It can be easy to blur the lines between remote and in-office work. Help your employees set boundaries by making time for their personal lives as well as professional.

  1. Make it convenient and simple. 

Whatever wellness initiatives you decide to enact within your company, ensure that they are easy to follow and convenient for your workers. Set attainable goals for your employees to increase participation and retention. Goals that won’t completely obstruct their routines but instead encourage small changes will be the most successful. 

  1. Encourage socializing.  

It’s easy to spend the day in an office without face-to-face interaction. Create more physical spaces for your employees to socialize and sit down in. Change the culture of your worksite by breaking the barriers between upper-level management and salaried employees. Create relationships where employees feel comfortable discussing matters related to their wellbeing.

Consider Going Big. 

Having a corporate wellness partner to implement a program centered around improving your employees health should be a goal for your 2022. Corporate wellness programs, like TargetCare, take the stress off the employer, lower company healthcare costs, and most importantly, improve the health of the employees. These programs will help seamlessly incorporate your wellness plans, hit your goals, and see results.. 

When setting company-wide goals for your 2022 year, wellness should be a top consideration. Without healthy people, you won’t have healthy employees. Begin by brainstorming small, attainable wellness initiatives that your employees can participate in. Then take it a step farther and enact a corporate wellness program to prove to your employees that their wellbeing is your top priority.