Onsite Health Centers: Personalizing Healthcare

When an employer implements a workplace wellness program, they are personalizing the healthcare coverage for their employees. Onsite health centers bring health care professionals to the workplace, making care convenient, comfortable, affordable, and successful.

The largest benefit of an onsite health center is that it can help personalize care through face-to-face treatment. The rise of telemedicine has made it more convenient for remote individuals to see a doctor, but has also eliminated the ease and trust of seeing a provider in person. With an onsite clinic, the provider is at the worksite ready to see a patient for an in-person 20-30 minute appointment. The comfort that comes with speaking to a provider in-person contributes to a stronger relationship and a better treatment in care. 

People want convenient healthcare that caters to their needs. Onsite health centers do just that through their easy-to-access locations and lack of commute. Employees don’t have to take off work to drive to their office and don’t have to leave work to find a confidential space to conduct a telemedicine appointment. Instead, they can walk down the hall and be seen by a provider who can treat them for most of what their primary doctor could; acute care, preventative, chronic disease, lab draws, counseling and more. A big differentiator is that this provider is engrained in the company culture and has a greater understanding for the employee population and their individual needs. They see a more holistic picture of each patient. 

Most people are wary of visiting a doctor because they don’t have a relationship with one. Onsite providers, build rapport and personal connections, making employees feel more comfortable making appointments. Studies show that a patient who trusts their physician, increases their likelihood of following treatment plans and making appointments. When implementing a wellness program, it’s essential that your vendor partner hires a provider that is a good fit from a cultural perspective.

TargetCare focuses on implementing engagement opportunities in addition to the onsite care and population health management aspects of our programs. Employees have the opportunity to learn more about health and wellness, so they can become better advocates of their individual health and overall healthcare consumption. Some of these engagement strategies include lunch & learns, challenges, healthy break stations, and walk & talks with the clinician to engage outside of the clinic. 

Individual biometric screenings  can also help personalize the employee experience with the clinician.  Employers will often participate in screenings that consist of a blood draw, height and weight assessment, and health survey in which TargetCare consolidates into an individual health profile for each employee. These measurements stratify each individual's risk and sets the cadence and structure of ongoing visits to the provider for more proactive engagement and outreach. The provider has the opportunity to work one-on-one to build a personalized, targeted plan with each employee to help reduce their risk factors.

Onsite health care is the solution for making healthcare more personalized and proactive.