2022: The Year of Onsite Health Clinics

2022 is the year of the onsite health clinic.

Why? Because onsite clinics check almost every box of health & wellness demands for both employers and employees. Worksite health clinics are a convenient, cost-saving, effective way to provide health services to your employees. 

Clinics build relationships. 

Onsite health clinics bridge the gap between the patient and the provider. By bringing a provider to the workplace through a clinic, you’re simultaneously bringing healthcare to the workplace. Having a full-time or part-time provider at a clinic, meeting with employees on a weekly or monthly basis fosters a relationship and builds trust. One of the most common reasons patients don’t see their primary care provider is because of embarrassment and fear. Onsite clinics are staffed by approachable, personable providers, making it easy for participants to form a relationship with their onsite provider and making them eager to seek care treatment. 

Smart monetary investment. 

Onsite clinics are the solution to lowering healthcare claim costs. They do this in a few ways: 

- Catching preventative chronic diseases earlier through screenings, saving thousands per employee

- Decrease emergency visits for non-emergent cases

- Serving as the go-to resource for employees for illnesses and ailments, saving on doctor’s office visits & copays (According to the NAWHC, onsite clinics care for over 80% of workplace injuries)

- Provide solutions and one-on-one care for managing chronic and acute care conditions

- Minimize absenteeism costs by decreasing travel time to doctor’s appointments & sick days (Annual productivity losses linked to missed work for health-related issues totals $1,685 per employee per year)

- Improve employee retention, saving on new-hire costs

- In-house referrals for specialists by onsite clinic provider usually within the same healthcare plan that the employer is providing

Increased employee engagement and morale.

Simply put, onsite clinics show your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing. Bringing the conversation of health to the workplace is great, but bringing accessible, convenient, onsite clinics with the ability to treat chronic and acute care illnesses shows your employees you really care. When employees know that their employer is invested in their wellbeing, they feel more invested in the company they work for. According to Hay Group, organizations with cultures of high wellbeing see 43% more productivity than those without wellness focuses. Simultaneously, having healthier employees makes your company more efficient as workers will have more energy, higher morale, and take less sick days. Sick days cost employers about $341 per everyday an employee calls in ill.  

Benefit offering for employees.

Positioning onsite clinics as a benefit offering to your employees can both improve retention and engagement. According to Gallup, organizations with a culture of high wellbeing and benefit offerings see 51% lower turnover than those with no benefit offerings related to wellness. With many organizations struggling to combat the tight labor market after the pandemic, offering a benefit such as an onsite clinic is a great way to retain current employees and attract new talent.

Proactive & preventative healthcare solution.

Simply put: incorporating onsite clinics catches preventative diseases which saves thousands of dollars per employee each year. The stats don’t lie. The cost of an uncontrolled, unknowing diabetic totals $17,504 per employee per year. The cost of a controlled, coached diabetic annually? Around $4,000. 

It doesn’t just stop with diabetes; hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity are just some of the factors that contribute to long-term health conditions that can cost employers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Implementing an onsite clinic, with one-on-one health coaching and chronic disease management, can help participants catch and monitor the risk factors contributing to poor health.