Here's What You Should be Integrating into Your Onsite Clinics in 2022

The health and wellness industry is ever changing, and so are the needs of your employees. If you currently have or are implementing an on-site health clinic at your worksite, keep wellness services, telehealth, COVID-19 adaptability, and mental health resources at the top of your mind. As your employees' needs continue to change, your health clinics should keep up. 

2022 Onsite Clinic Trends

1. Enhanced Wellness Services

As wellness prevention continues to evolve, innovative solutions will become increasingly accessible. Enhanced wellness solutions are essentially added benefits to existing wellness services that on-site clinics already implement. Some examples of these additions are: 

- Engagement programs and challenges to encourage employee participation

- Technology including tracking tools and ways to follow-up post care appointments

- Personalized, pro-active health coaching and support

- Assistance and accountability with preventative exams

2. COVID-19 Services

Since March 2020, onsite clinics have seen 30% higher usage by employees and providers. The pandemic has only encouraged employees to utilize their employer-provided resources, such as on-site clinics. Ensure your clinic is equipped to handle increased clinic usage, testing kit demand, and administer vaccines. In addition, the integration of telehealth COVID-19 services and clinics can prevent the spread of viruses at the worksite, provide care management, and compassionately show your employees their health is a priority. 

3. Mental Health

Investing through a clinic, encouraging an open conversation & providing services on mental health shows employees that their employers care. Mental health continues to be a primary concern of employees, with 76% of respondents across various organizations reporting at least one symptom of a mental health condition. 

While most on-site clinics manage acute care treatment, adding mental health care to the range of services provided is an ongoing trend. Mental health care through on-site clinics reduces healthcare costs, identifies those at risk and connects them to treatment, and puts in place a culture of support and extended care, showing employees that their workplace cares about their wellbeing. 

4. Telehealth Services 

The combined pandemic and flexible work schedule has resulted in an increased number of remote employees. Telehealth services should be an essential integration for all existing or upcoming on-site clinics. 

Some of the benefits of adding telehealth services to your on-site clinic include: 

- Expanding the access to care

- Reducing possible exposure to staff

- Preserve supplies of personal protective equipment/other testing equipment

- Reduce patient demand on on-site clinic

- Offer flexibility to employees & providers

- Patient portal, virtual appointment scheduling, easy messaging to providers to ask health questions outside of work hours

On-site health clinics will grow as employees continue to place an increased demand on their employers for wellness solutions. It’s important for providers of wellness solutions to continue to monitor trends in demands to adapt their clinics.