3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Set Your Organization Up For Success

It's been almost five months since we started navigating the pandemic, and it's safe to say these current times are just as uncertain and challenging as they were in the beginning. We understand that you and your employees have been feeling the impacts of the last few months both professionally and personally.

To alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty you're experiencing as an employer, here are three things you can be doing right now to positively impact you, your employees and your company wellness programs.

1. Stop focusing on everything that you can't do and start thinking about what you can do.


It's no question that these are challenging times when it comes to preparing, planning and making decisions for your organization. While it can be hard to know what you can do right now, don't let that stop you from doing anything at all.

It's important that you try to avoid acting solely on the fears of today. While we don't know for sure what lies ahead, it's important that you think about the long-term pains and challenges that your organization might face and continue to innovate and adapt- and be ready to pivot when needed.

First things first, continue to proactively protect your organization from COVID-19.

While we still don't know how much longer we'll be living in this uncertain state, the priority remains to keep your organization and employees COVID-free. Taking action and providing company wellness programs, guidance and education to your employees is essential and it's not too late to get started.


A comprehensive approach to COVID-19 might include one, two, or all of the following:

  • Support and guidance after symptom identification or being sent home
  • Access to a variety of screening and assessment tools- from temperature screenings to COVID-19 testing
  • Access to trusted healthcare professionals for telehealth services and COVID-19 symptom triage
  • Stress and anxiety management and support
  • Employee communication and education related to COVID-19 prevention, FAQ's, support services
  • Employer resources including checklists, guides, questionnaires from health experts
  • Interactive and engaging tools to encourage employees to continue seeking healthy living and education

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2. Focus on the bigger picture: Show employees your support for them goes beyond the workplace.

A poll taken earlier this month asked employers and employees about the biggest challenges they're currently facing due to COVID-19:

Biggest COVID-19 Challenges Employers Are Facing (2)

The most frequently chosen response was "back to school/leave issues," with "anxiety" ranking as a close second.

Biggest COVID-19 Challenges Employers Are Facing (3)

Once you have the pieces in place to protect your workforce from the liabilities of coronavirus, it's time to look beyond COVID-19. Knowing that the statistics around stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, what are you doing right now to address this? Have you thought about what the health state of your population might look like coming out of the pandemic- both physically and mentally?

Now is the time to ramp up the support you are offering your employees. Provide them with tools and resources that will truly help them navigate these challenging times. Consider bringing in additional support tools and services that will help make both of your lives and jobs more manageable given the current conditions.

We understand that as an employer, you're likely getting hit with the same stress and anxieties of today's events as your employees. However, we also know as the leader of your organization, it's your responsibility to take care of your company's greatest asset-- your people, by considering a company wellness program.

3. Lean on your partners for help.

lean on partners for help

We understand you have other problems right now. Let us focus on the overall health of your employees so you can focus on the overall health of your business.

You're supporting your employees, but who's supporting you? The short answer is: we are. Whether it's providing stress and anxiety management, supporting you and your employees through the immediate impacts of COVID, or setting your organization up for long-term success by keeping employee health and well-being at the forefront of your organization, our team is here to support your organization by taking the burden off of you and your team.

Let us take the complications and concerns of employee health off your list so you can be more involved with the other pressing priorities of your organization. Start making an immediate impact on your organization by protecting your employees from COVID-19, supporting employees in and out of the workplace, and leaning on your health partners for advice on company wellness.

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