Healthcare Trends to Watch for in 2022

As 2022 approaches, shifts in what employees are prioritizing from their healthcare continue to arise. The pandemic has undoubtedly altered the workplace in multiple ways, including the health and wellness space. Employees want accessibility, convenience, and more workplace benefits. 

Healthcare Trends to Watch for in 2022

  1. Increase in Behavioral Health

With the ongoing stress, isolation, and changes in routine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are demanding employers acknowledge their individual changes in behavioral and mental health. For employers, this could be adding mental health days to the calendar, having open conversations on behavioral health, and adding therapy and counseling services to the healthcare plans. 

  1. Increase in On-site Clinics

As employees return to working on-site, there is an increasing demand for workplace clinics. On-site clinics are easy ways for employers to instill a culture of health and wellbeing among employees. Particularly for mid-sized employers (200-500 employees), worksite health clinics are rapidly increasing, as employers desire positive health outcomes and decreased medical expenses. On-site health clinics provide convenience, simplicity, and accessibility for their employees. 

  1. Increase in Employee Assistance Programs

Employee assistance programs, or EAPs, are benefit programs that assist employees with personal or work-related issues. Some examples of these are relaxation classes, retirement planning, crisis management, and stress management programs. Any program implemented by an employer to tackle an employee’s personal issue that may affect their work is considered an EAP. EAPs are becoming increasingly more common for employers to offer, as it shows employers care about tackling the overall wellbeing of their workers. 

  1. Increase in Financial Wellness

2022 is predicted to see a new focus on financial wellness and literacy. Employees increasingly want to understand how to save, spend, and invest their money. With stimulus checks, a lack of spending, and an unstable job market, financial wellness programs are continuing to increase each year and employers can host these discussions. 

  1. Massive Increase in Telehealth 

Easy accessibility to doctors is the fastest growing trend in healthcare for 2022. Employers will need to provide telehealth services as part of their healthcare plans for their employees. Telehealth medicine expands access to care, reduces disease exposure, and reduces patient demand and long wait at facilities. These services will continue to be demanded by employees as wellness and health become talking points within the workplace. 

Consider implementing new programs as a part of your healthcare strategy for 2022.