Is Now the Right Time to Prioritize Employee Health?

The short answer is yes- just because we’re in the midst of a pandemic doesn’t mean people aren’t having heart attacks.

With all of the focus around coronavirus, it can be easy to forget about the importance of preventing chronic illness. In reality, we're seeing as many people negatively affected by chronic conditions as COVID-19 itself. Here’s why.

Chronic stress, returning to poor health habits, delayed procedures, cancelled routine appointments and fear of stepping into a doctor’s office have caused chronic conditions to go unmanaged. For example, a diabetic might put off picking up their medication out of fear of walking into the pharmacy. Likewise, someone who may have been managing their high blood pressure before COVID-19, is now distracted by the pandemic and isn't being as vigilant about checking their blood pressure and/or taking their medication. 

The effects of COVID-19 aren't just causing chronic conditions to go unmanaged-- they're causing them to get worse.

Prioritizing exercise and a healthy diet can fall to the wayside when you’re dealing with the stress of a pandemic and economic problems. If an employee has chronic issues, it’s important they are aware so they can take charge and ultimately avoid a potential heart attack or stroke. Onsite biometric screenings and personal health assessments can bring to light these kinds of issues, by helping employees understand where they are with respect to their health and providing them with necessary action steps they can take to reduce their risk for chronic conditions.



Not only do biometric screenings help employees stay in tune with their personal health, they help employers understand the overall health of their population.

Comprehensive aggregate data derived from the biometric screenings can provide the employer with an overall picture of the major health conditions within their population. By identifying those in the population that have health issues and intervening with a strong wellness program, the employer has a better chance of avoiding future large claims.

What should have been a preventive visit to a primary care provider today could eventually turn into a trip to the hospital, if a company does not effectively manage their population's chronic conditions.

There’s a lot of uncertainty for employers right now—COVID-19, the economy, the job market—it’s hard to know what the future holds. Focus on what you can, by offering tools to help manage your population's health. Although a lot is still unknown, understanding the health of your employees can help you make informed business decisions and avoid major health claims down the road.


TargetCare clients understand the importance of continuing with onsite screenings, especially during COVID-19. Here are the current safety measures we have in place to keep everyone safe and healthy during biometric screenings and personal health assessments:

CHA Safety

Onsite Biometric Screening Safety

Now, more than ever, it is critical to focus on the management of chronic illness in order to protect the future health of our employees and our businesses. Prevention is key and empowering employees to understand where they are with respect to their health and knowing how to manage their conditions is essential to keeping your population healthy and productive.

By taking the right steps and prioritizing prevention, you can design a a workplace wellness program that works for both your company and your employees. And if you need help along the way, TargetCare can help!

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