5 Habits to Spring Clean Your Health

Spring means longer, sunnier days and warmer temperatures.  Many people see the season as a time for “spring cleaning,” de-cluttering, and starting fresh.  While you may not need to completely re-evaluate your health, there are some actions you can incorporate into your daily life to help you kick your healthy habits up a notch.

1. Adopt a mindfulness routine.

The spring is a great time to reflect, set goals, and create intentions for the new season.  An easy way to do this is by being mindful, which can look different for everyone.  For example, you may enjoy beginning your day with a 20-minute walking meditation, or prefer to jot down your thoughts in a gratitude journal.  No matter the routine, being mindful can help you live more in the present moment and manage stress more effectively.

2. Shop for seasonal foods.

Seasonal produce has more flavor and costs less than produce that’s out of season. This spring, look for items like spring greens (Dandelion greens, lettuce, and arugula), asparagus, avocados, carrots, apricots, peas, potatoes, strawberries, rhubarb, fresh herbs and more!

3. Do more outside.

Come springtime, most of us are vitamin D deficient, so simply getting out of the house, office, or apartment where you’ve been hibernating all winter can increase energy, improve productivity, and boost your mood.  Try taking your normal workout outside, playing outdoor sports, hiking, gardening, or doing outdoor house repairs. 

4. Unplug before bed.

Taking a break from your digital world is an easy way to recharge this spring.  When you go to sleep, melatonin levels should rise as cortisol levels fall, but checking your phone before bed spikes cortisol and blocks melatonin production.  Decide on a bedtime and set a timer to go off one or two hours before that.  When the timer goes off, commit to turning off your phone and other electronics before you go to sleep.

5. Schedule screenings and doctors appointments.

Keep track of wellness appointments and visit your doctor regularly for preventive services like cancer and diabetes screenings.  Common tests for men and women may include a colonoscopy, prostate cancer screening, mammogram, or dental exam.  Talk with your doctor to come up with a specific plan that works for you.

Use this change in season as an opportunity to embrace new healthy behaviors.  Choosing to incorporate one or all of these actions is a great way to make improve your overall wellbeing.

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