How Workplace Care Can Be Delivered

90% of employers are increasing their investment in mental health wellness programs, 76% more employers are investing in stress management programs and 80% of employers are investing more in telemedicine, since the pandemic. 

Employers are increasingly bringing health and wellness programs and resources to their workplaces, and delivering them in a variety of ways that work best for their employees. Read below to learn about which model and method works best for your unique organization.


Onsite healthcare refers to bringing and delivering care directly to the people of a workplace through a health center, clinic, coaching and one-on-one support using a staff of clinical professionals. Common staffing models could include the use of Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants, Health Coaches, Behavioral Health Counselors, Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants. Often employers utilize a preexisting space at the worksite for an onsite program, or another option is to build a clinic space.

Onsite healthcare is the most convenient delivery method of healthcare services to employees, as it doesn’t require time away from work to access the onsite provider. 63% of employers say their clinic has reduced lost work days. Having a provider directly at the workplace also helps build relationships between the nurse and patients, making visiting the provider a more comfortable experience. 85% of employers with onsite clinics say their organization perceives the clinic as a success.


Near-site healthcare refers to an established clinic or center that is not located at the workplace, but in the nearby vicinity. This near-site center can serve a variety of employers to provide healthcare and wellness benefits to their employees. These are utilized by employees, spouses, and their families. Near-site clinics might best serve an employer who has several locations spread out within the same geographic area. Near-site clinics or health centers can still deliver care for illnesses like minor flus and colds to management of chronic conditions.

Virtual or Telephonic

Virtual or telephonic healthcare offers a completely remote experience to best serve dispersed employee populations within an organization. Virtual wellness programs can look like digital platforms, apps, engagement programs, health coaching, or virtual doctor’s visits. These programs deliver and promote productivity and health and wellness solutions, but through a screen. An employer might opt for a telephonic or virtual program offering if they don’t have one central location to deliver onsite care to their employees or have a lot of employees who work on the road. 


For employers with multiple locations and dispersed populations a hybrid delivery model is usually the best option. This is a combination of onsite, near-site, offsite, or completely telephonic services, depending on volume of employees in each location. For example, an employer might have an onsite clinic at their main headquarter location, and virtual visits and virtual engagement opportunities for smaller sites and remote workers.  Encouraging engagement in health programs through a variety of pathways helps ensure that all employees at an organization have equal access to care and are receiving the same benefits regardless of where they reside.

At TargetCare, we start by looking at the organization as a whole. This consists of gathering demographic data, understanding the goals of the company, understanding the overall culture and identifying common health and wellness challenges for the employee population. Once we’ve fully understood the employee population, we’re better equipped to make recommendations on how care should be delivered. 

Workplace wellness can be delivered in a variety of ways: onsite, near-site, telephonic, or a hybrid model. No matter the delivery of care, investing in employee health and wellness delivers a message that employees are cared for, and in turn, the organization benefits through improvements in morale, retention and productivity overall.