How Employers Can Tackle the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation refers to the 33 million Americans who have left or quit their job since the spring of 2021. But why have so many employees left, and how can employers moving forward cater to their company’s needs and demands? 

A study from Pew Research cites the top reasons for employees leaving their jobs, as being too low of pay, no opportunities for advancement or personal development, not enough flexibility, and poor benefit offerings. Pay disparities, rising inflation and COVID-19 are unavoidable and hard for employers to adapt to. But one way that employers can continue to satisfy current employees and attract new talent is through improving their benefit offerings. 

How can you combat the Great Resignation?

Start by evaluating your current benefit offerings. Do you restrict PTO? Do you provide health insurance? Do you have a wellness program in place? Do you encourage personal and professional development? Observe competitors and gather insight from your own company. You may find that what employees are looking for isn’t that hard to provide. 

Look Internally. How can you revamp your internal company culture? Creating a healthier company culture takes time, energy, and the buy-in from all employees, but is also a reason for employees to stay. Gather feedback from employees of all levels, departments, and seniority about what the company is currently doing that works, and where they see a lack of effort. 

Keep employee well-being at the top of mind. Wellness programs, such as the ones we offer at TargetCare, are a great tangible benefit to provide to your employees at a low investment. These programs bring healthcare to the workplace to offer convenient access to acute care, as well as support with chronic disease management, and behavioral health concerns. Employees can meet at their own frequency with an onsite provider whose sole purpose is to serve the company. Showing that a company cares about the overall health of their employees by providing a wellness program benefit offering can save talent and money. 

At TargetCare, we’ve tackled the ongoing demands of employees head-on. We’ve adapted a hybrid work environment, practice what we preach through our own wellness program, and continue to gather insight from employees in all departments and levels. Weekly department meetings and quarterly reviews show employees that their growth and development at TargetCare matters. 

As the Great Resignation begins to plateau, continue to work with your employees to meet and adapt to their demands, to retain a happy and productive workforce.