How to Get the Most From Your Onsite Clinic Investment

When an employer considers investing in an onsite clinic, it often means they are serious about reducing their healthcare spending, improving retention and company culture, and improving the health and wellness of their employees. Implementing an onsite clinic and wellness program is a good first step employers can take, but ensuring the clinic and program is utilized and making a true impact is what makes the investment great. 

No employer wants to spend thousands of dollars on a clinic program that isn’t being utilized. One way to get the most out of your onsite clinic investment is to consider offering an incentive for your employees to complete preventive care visits or wellness programs that can be run through the clinic to engage the employees pro-actively. Whether this is offering a premium differential, PTO, or giveaway items, any kind of incentive will push your workforce to visit the onsite clinic. You will see better savings with wellness & preventive health care when you engage the population before they become ill. 

It’s important to consider the personnel operating the clinic. One of the leading reasons why individuals refuse to go to the doctor is because they don’t feel comfortable. It’s important to hire a provider that’s a strong fit for your culture so employees can build trust and a meaningful, long-term relationship. 

You’ve implemented an onsite clinic, but how well are you promoting it? Marketing your investment along with the benefits and capabilities are a common missed step.. Plan out an effective marketing and communication strategy that not only highlights what employees can see the provider for, but introduces the providers to your staff, discloses the location of the clinic, its hours, and the incentive you’ll provide employees for participating in any programs surrounding the clinic. Order promotional materials, post about the clinic on social media, and send out reminders via email about clinic events. Remember, this should be an ongoing effort and a constant reminder to your employees of the benefits they have access to.

Implementing an engagement program that aligns with the clinic opening may seem self evident, but many times employers will see lags in clinic attendance after the first few months. At TargetCare, we implement weekly, monthly, and quarterly initiatives with our onsite clinic clients to continue to foster engagement and relationship building with the provider. This can include provider meet & greets, wellness talks, lunch & learns, and more!

Employers can get the most out of their investment by continuing to work with their clinic partner to upgrade and enhance its offerings. Oftentimes this can include adding services such as pharmacy dispensing or a health coaching program to fully maximize its capabilities. Use annual reporting to identify common chronic diseases that employees suffer from, and build campaigns led by your vendor partner to help generate awareness on the prevalence. Staying stagnant is the biggest way an onsite clinic can lose out on cost savings.