How to Make Your Coffee Orders Healthier

While they may give you the burst of energy you need in the morning, caffeinated beverages from popular coffee chains can add unnecessary calories to your daily diet. Your usual morning order might contain more fat and sugar than you should consume in a day. Popular mocha and flavored latte options at the big coffee chains are some of the most unhealthy choices. Here's some advice on how to order lighter sips that will still give you an energy boost.

coffee-1Order a cup of black coffee. 

Skip the specialty drinks altogether, and order a cup of plain, black coffee instead. Not only is it cheaper, it's virtually calorie-free. If you like a little sweetener or milk, add it yourself so you know exactly what's going in your cup.


tiny cupGet the smallest size.

When ordering custom coffee shop drinks, it's best to stick to a small portion size. All good things come in moderation!



cofeefeeAdjust your order.

Order your drink with half flavoring and half nut milk. Whether it's a vanilla latte or another flavored drink, have the barista make it with half of the added flavor, and ask for nut milks such as almond, oat, or coconut milk. This alone can save you quite a few calories and still give you the flavor you want.