Is COVID-19 Prevention Still Apart of Your Clinic Strategy?

On-site health clinics are the future of workplace wellness solutions. Clinics reduce healthcare spending and improve employee health through convenience, simplicity and access to high quality care. With continued variants, vaccine requirements, and changes surrounding COVID-19, it’s important that your wellness programs are providing resources for your employees.

Have you evaluated if your clinics and programs are keeping up? 

Onsite health clinics serve to improve employee health and control healthcare costs by providing easily accessible care to onsite employees. With the ongoing pandemic, onsite clinics have seen 30% higher usage by employees and dependents since March 2020. Here are some ways that your clinic can be stepping up to combat COVID-19. 

  1. Adapt to increased clinic usage

With continued variants, cold and flu season, and allergies, your clinic might see increased usage and demand by employees. Make sure you are prepared for increased visits by stocking up on supplies, increasing your availability, and allocating resources for these appointments. Efficiency and high-quality care are essential. 

  1. Offer virus management via telehealth

Telehealth services have always been essential to on-site clinics, but with the pandemic they are now more important than ever. Avoid spreading COVID-19 by pre-screening sick employees and asking about their symptoms via telephone. After assessing, give them the opportunity to use on-site practitioners to receive medicine or hand out at-home testing kits. Use telehealth services to follow-up on patients and instruct them on symptom management. 

  1. Provide access to COVID-19 testing kits

With such a limited access to testing kits across the United States, employees should and will turn to on-site clinics for resources, such as COVID-19 testing kits. Ensure that you are fully stocked and equipped to perform COVID-19 testing, whether you send the results to an off-site lab or have rapid onsite testing. Worksite clinics will be a major source for both testing and vaccinations. 

  1. Encourage and administer vaccinations

Use your on-site clinic to encourage, provide, and administer vaccinations of all kinds. The more vaccinated employees, the less spread of the disease. Consider offering free on-site vaccinations and partnering with a vaccine provider to administer the doses. Publicize to your employees that your clinic will be able to provide vaccinations and make the process as seamless as possible. 

On-site clinics are a valuable resource for employees and employers to utilize to conveniently get access to high-quality healthcare. It’s essential that on-site clinics continue to keep up with the demands of their patients, or the employees.