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Claire Hart

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Lack of Mental Health Screenings is Costing Employers

Posted by Claire Hart on 9/21/20 10:00 AM

The Facts

Screening for depression as well as some cancers and chronic conditions is lagging among employees according to new research from the Integrated Benefits Institute—and it’s costing employers big time in overall healthcare spend and productivity.

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Knowing These Crucial Risk Factors Could Save Your Life

Posted by Claire Hart on 8/24/20 10:00 AM

Early on in the pandemic's spread, doctors noticed that people with pre-existing medical conditions were among the worst affected. The more we learn about coronavirus, the more we see a connection between chronic illness and the added risk of developing complications from the virus. 

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8 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a COVID-19 Antibody Test

Posted by Claire Hart on 7/10/20 2:20 PM

Are you curious as to whether you’ve had COVID-19 before? Maybe you felt sick a while ago and are wondering if it could’ve been coronavirus. Antibody testing can help satisfy that curiosity by testing your blood for antibodies.

Here are eight things you need to know about COVID-19 antibody testing.

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Is Now the Right Time to Prioritize Employee Health?

Posted by Claire Hart on 6/22/20 5:30 PM
The short answer is yes- just because we’re in the midst of a pandemic doesn’t mean people aren’t having heart attacks.

With all of the focus around coronavirus, it can be easy to forget about the importance of preventing chronic illness. In reality, we're seeing as many people negatively affected by chronic conditions as COVID-19 itself. Here’s why.

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N95 Respirators, Surgical Masks and Cloth Face Coverings

Posted by Claire Hart on 6/4/20 2:19 PM

N95 respirators, surgical masks, and cloth face coverings all help prevent the spread of coronavirus- but what exactly makes them different? Why are some more protective than others and which one should you wear? Here's what you need to know:

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Nervous About Going Back to Work? So Are Your Employees.

Posted by Claire Hart on 5/21/20 4:07 PM

Although there are signs that the number of U.S. cases of coronavirus may be leveling off, there is another health problem that won’t be going away anytime soon—stress. All 50 states have started easing coronavirus-related restrictions, meaning more businesses are reopening, and more employees are returning to work. However, the fact that workplaces are reopening doesn’t mean COVID-19 will be gone, nor the concerns that surround it. 

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Returning to Work? Here's What You Need to Know

Posted by Claire Hart on 5/11/20 4:26 PM

As the curve of COVID-19 infections begins to level off and government stay-at-home orders begin to expire, businesses are challenged with the complexities of safely returning employees back to work. Here are five steps you can take to maintain a healthy work environment and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. 

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Why It's Important to Focus On Chronic Illness Now More Than Ever

Posted by Claire Hart on 4/27/20 2:47 PM

Did you know that people with cardiovascular disease face more life-threatening complications and a substantially higher risk of death from coronavirus? According to data and reports from doctors in several different countries, even those with high blood pressure are being urged to take extra precautions against infection.

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What to Stock Up On During Quarantine

Posted by Claire Hart on 4/13/20 12:07 PM

As the coronavirus continues to spread and more people are being advised to self-isolate or quarantine, it's important to have a household plan. What you can do is be prepared. That means having essentials on hand such as food, medicine, and cleaning supplies. Keep in mind that being prepared doesn't mean stockpiling or hoarding. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is recommending two weeks' worth of supplies. Here's a suggested list of items to buy.

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How to Reduce Stress in the Midst of Coronavirus

Posted by Claire Hart on 3/19/20 5:15 PM

Did you know 70% of workers say they feel more stressed during COVID-19 than at any other point in their professional career? The need to address stress and anxiety is apparent now more than ever. Plus, sustained high anxiety can compromise your immune system, making you more susceptible to illnesses like coronavirus.  Here are seven ways to deal with your coronavirus anxieties.

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